Rebecca Loebe @ Eddie’s Attic 12.30.10

Happy New Year!!! This is our first post of 2011 and we are pretty excited about what lies ahead for us this year!

Last week I had the pleasure of taking pictures for Rebecca Loebe performing at her favorite venue, Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia. Here are a few of my favorite shots from that evening, but feel free to check out the entire album here.

For those of you not familiar with Rebecca, I suppose I could help give you a little background; and since I am not really a journalist or have a huge talent for writing, I have copy/pasted her bio from her website. I like to refer to this method as “efficient writing”.

“Rebecca Loebe is a laid-back award-winning indie-folk singer from Atlanta, GA. Since quitting her job as a full-time recording studio engineer in 2006, she has performed 100+ shows per year at colleges, coffeehouses and theaters in over 30 states of the US and in Europe. She has garnered rave reviews for her high-energy performances, weaving together skillful, emotional songwriting, folk storytelling and whimsical comedy for the ADHD generation.

In the May of 2009 she was honored as a winner at the Kerrville Grassy Hill New Folk Songwriting Competition, and in 3 years of full time touring she has shared the stage with greats such as Glen Phillips, Angie Aparo, Ellis Paul, Sophie B. Hawkins, Emerson Hart, Ellis Paul, Girlyman & The Bacon Brothers.”

To just leave it at her bio, however, would be short selling this indie musician by a high degree. Her most recent album “Mystery Prize”, released last January, was well received and included in the list of Top 100 Americana Albums of 2010. She tours constantly and works extremely hard doing what she loves.

I had a great time at the show and hope you will go check out the rest of the album. Also, last Monday, Rebecca and I had a blast walking through the East Atlanta Village for a portrait shoot, so check back soon to see them!

Read more about Rebecca Loebe and hear her music at her website:

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