Jessie and Reed’s Wedding!

Well, it’s Friday again…the 13th, in fact…so what better way to celebrate than blog! Right!?! Of course!

Here are some of my favorite shots from Jessie and Reed’s wedding from a few weeks ago! I had a great time shooting their engagement pictures and an even better time at their wedding, which was full of surprises!

These first two photos really sum it all up. As we were setting up the shot, the events of the day kind of swept over Reed and provided this amazing moment that you could never manufacture, and even better we (Capt’n Crazy’s Imoto and I) got it from two angles!

This kid was amazing! He lit up every picture he was in and loved the camera!

I really like the “femme fatale” thing going on here. Don’t mess with this group!

Jessie looks so happy here walking down with her father.

AND ENTER THE RAIN!!!!! Right as the words “husband and wife” echoed through the air, the looming rain clouds finally let loose an impressive downpour.

It wasn’t long before everyone jumped in their cars and headed to the reception and dryer ground!

Ok, not so much dryer ground outside…but inside was great!

The rain did let up a couple of times and allowed us to make use of the gazebo and nice scenery around the reception hall.

Shotgun wedding?? Jessie’s dad was a great sport and fun to be around. Great family!

Jessie and one of her bride’s maids hand made the bouquet’s and did a fantastic job. I love the bullets they snuck into her bouquet and Reed’s boutonniere. It’s these small details that really make every wedding unique and fun.

The rain did not put a damper on this day in the least. Everyone had a great time with friends and family, which was extremely important to Jessie and Reed and they were on top of the world. Congratulations you two!!! As always, feel free to check out more on the Cham Red Facebook page and check back soon for more recent work!

Have a great weekend!


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