Makin’ Movies! Pt.1

As usual, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, BUT…it’s because I’ve been in Gary, Indiana and Chicago working with Kely McClung on his latest feature Altered! I was part of a small crew of Atlantans that slowly trickled to the upper midwest for the month of June to help Kely realize his vision.

We had several photographers on the crew, so there was no lack of behind the scenes pictures, and while I did contribute a little to that, it gave me a chance to focus more on the talent and do more specials photography.

Here are a some of my favorite pictures from the last month:

Robert Pralgo is no stranger to a Kely McClung set. The two have worked together on several projects including Kely’s first feature Blood Ties. Rob has been pretty busy lately landing roles on MTV’s Teen Wolf and becoming the Travel Channel’s Gear Guide. You may also remember his work on the Vampire Diaries and Army Wives.

Always quick to lend a hand, here is Rob guarding one of our drills.

Rob posing with Tommy Connolly, who has seen better days than the scene he just participated in! Tommy is a Chicago comedian and actor with a new book coming soon.

Here is a behind the scenes shot of writer/directory/actor Kely McClung. Altered is the third feature that Kely has “triple-threated” along with Blood Ties and Kerberos. Other familiar faces in these films are Robert Pralgo and Stan Harrington.

Here is Stan donning the new goatee he grew for the film. “The Man” and Kely have worked together on several projects and have built a great collaborative relationship. Kely (and Pralgo, for that matter) will be appearing in Stan’s upcoming film Perception.

Stan posing with Keith Brooks and Amanda Dreschler.

Amanda is an actress from LA with a huge personality and a ton of talent. She will also be in Stan Harringon’s Perception. There will be more pictures of Amanda in the following posts.

Keith Brooks of Atlanta took Gary, Indiana by storm. His personality is larger than life and he brought joy to everyone he encountered. He plays “Greasy Man” in Altered and has a ton of other projects he’s working on. He will be performing in Richmond, Washington on July 30th for a Autism benefit and will be in the upcoming film Hillbilly Highway staring Eddie Griffith and Erik Estrada.

I suppose that’s enough for today, but check back soon for more updates and behind the scenes from Altered. As always you can see more pictures on the Chameleonred Photography Facebook page here.

More fun stuff

The Altered Movie’s official website:
The Altered Movie’s Facebook Page

Check out Stan Harrington’s Perception and even help him make it here!

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  1. Tommy Connolly
    Posted July 14, 2011 at 4:16 pm | Permalink

    Sweet James Beautiful Work!

  2. Posted July 14, 2011 at 6:48 pm | Permalink

    My favorite photo is the one of Keith, Stan, and Amanda together at the church! Nice work, Jonathan.

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