Makin’ Movies Pt. 2

Continuing yesterday’s post…here are some more of my favorite shots.

I really like how menacing this picture of Robert Pralgo is.

There was no shortage of “kinda creepy” on set…especially in the scenes we shot in the abandoned church. The hotel room and everything in it was crafted with the mantra “keep it creepy, make it fun” in mind. Art Director Doug Kupferman, pictured below, worked tirelessly with his assistant Liz Rawlings to bring these spaces to life.

I also got to spend a couple of minutes shooting Chicago model Michelle Lynn Shick while on set. You can see more of her work on her Facebook Page and her profile at Model Mayhem.

Halli Vehrs and Deanna Bajorek, local make-up artists, are aging one of our awesome stunt women in these shots.

Thanks again for looking and check back for more updates and photos!

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    The pictures of Zoe turned out great.. and kinda creepy!

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