Katie and Tanner Engagement!

This was a pretty special shoot for me. Tanner and I were in the same classes and Music program at Georgia State University. A few years after college we ended up working together for several years at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, part of which was literally just the two of us in our department. We have collaborated in several bands and in writing music. And, AND…if that weren’t enough…I was actually there when he met his fiance, Katie!

We met on the West side of Atlanta a few Sunday’s ago for a quick shoot before having an excellent meal at JCT Kitchen!

I loved these green chairs, so after a quick moving of tables and furniture rearrangement, viola.

For more:

Ok, so this was mostly for fun…Katie’s last name is Tanner…which…uh…can get confusing. I call this the Katie-Tanner shot.

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