The good folks over at InnerLocked Media brought me on board to do some promotional shots for their upcoming show “Inevitable”. Here are a few of my favorites, and be sure to go to Cham Red FB page to check out WAY more!!

From the “Inevitable” FB:

“Tasha Solomon, a new student at Saint Josephs high school struggles to fit in a new town. Her father has just passed, leaving her as the heir to his billion dollar estate. Her attempt to fit in is the least of her worries as she is thrown into a trial of fighting off the local popular crowd, vampires, ghouls, ninjas, and demons. Can she navigate this impossible world, locate something she may already possess, avoid an untimely death, all while turning in her homework on time? Tasha must figure out who she can trust before the chaos that she’s destined to awaken engulfs the world.”

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